Tuesday, 8 October 2013

GHARNA LIGHTBILL ONLINE BHARVA (ઘરના લાઇટ બીલ ઓનલાઇન )

                       મિત્રો , આપ આપના ઘરના લાઇટ બીલ પણ ઘરે બેઠા ભરી 
શકો છો. અને તમારો કિમતી સમય બચાવી શકો છો. નીચેના steps and detail આપી આપ online payment  કરી શકો છો.

Steps to perform Quick Online Payment
1.   Fill all the necessary details in Payment Detail and submit the request.
2.Verify Payment Detail and process further by clicking on the Pay Now button.
3.Quick Online Pay screen will be redirected to Payment Gateway.
4.After completion of payment, Payment Acknowledgement will be displayed.
5.You may take a print-out of the payment acknowledgement by clicking on the Save & Print button.
6.Transaction processing fees for Net Banking is Rs.5.00/-(Five) plus applicable Service Tax.
7.Transaction processing fees for Credit / Debit / Pre-Paid Cards is 1%(one percent) of Customer Payment Amount Plus Service Tax.

Payment Detail
Consumer No.*
Consumer No. is a mandatory field.
e.g. LT - 99911122233 , HT - 99999
Email Address ***
Note:1. HT Consumer can not make online payment if no bill data available.
2. *** Email address if entered can be used for sending payment receipt.
3. For LT consumer: There might be delay in latest bill shown in the application. In case if your latest bill is not shown above, you can still pay as per the amount in the new physical bill.

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