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How to Make Pen Drive/USB Bootable easily | Two Easy Methods

How to make pendrive/Usb Bootable easily-DT

Generally we install  windows from CD/DVD Rom. It takes more time to install windows. Have you ever tried to install windows from Pendrive/USB Stick?
If you install windows from USB Stick/Pen-drive , it takes less time than DVD/CD Rom. If your DVD or CD Rom is not working then it  is the best way to install windows. In  which computers (Netbooks) DVD Rom is not available, Boot-able pendrive is most important thing to install OS, Live DVD/CD and others.

So today I am going to tell you what is the process to make 
Pendrive bootable. I will tell two easy methods-

1. Dos/cmd Method

2. Software method

Method 1 :
( Make Pendrive/ USB Stick bootable 

by Command Prompt )
Without any software using command prompt you can make
 bootable pendrive very easily.Just follow these below steps-
Step 1 :
First of all format your Pendrive/USB stick in NTFS format.
If you are using Windows Vista/7/8 then format the pendrive 

just in NTFS format not in FAT32. 
Format with NTFS
Or you can use Command prompt 
to format your pendrive in NTFS 
Make pendrive bootable using dos-DT

  • Open command prompt (Start >All Programs >
  • Accessories >
  •  Command Prompt)
  •  Write command :
    convert H:/fs:ntfs    [ H:=Pendrive's letter ]
  • After sometime pendrive will be formatted in
  •  NTFS format.
 Step 2 :
 Now insert the CD/DVD into your DVD drive.

Step 3 :
Now go to command prompt and Run it as Administrator
(Start >All Programs >Accessories > Command Prompt
 [Right click >
Run as Administrator])
Step 4 :
 Write command :
       F:          [ F:= in this drive you inserted windows 
 it as your computer shows ]
       cd F:\boot      
       bootsect /nt60 H:     [ H:=Pendrive's letter ]
Step 5 :
You are almost done...
Now copy the whole DVD/CD and paste in the
 Pendrive/USB Stick.
 Now you can setup windows from your pendrive.No
 need of DVD/CD drive.

Method 2 :

( Make Pendrive/ USB Stick

 bootable by a Software )
I have tried many softwares to make a USB stick bootable and these
 cannot satisfy me.
 After long time I got a software, by which you can make bootable
 pen drive easily.
 This software size is only 700 KB.
 Step 1 :  
First of all download it from the below link-
Step 2 :
Unzip it and run it.A Window will appear-

How to create pendrive bootable-DT

Step 3 :
Now select your Pendrive ,Tick in Quick Format and select 
the ISO/DVD/Source File.
Bootable pendrive-DT

 Now click Do it!
You are done, The software starts working .. 

After complete, below window will appear-
Bootable pendrive is ready-DT

Your Bootable windows pendrive is ready.
N.B. :
In Boot Menu set the pendrive as first boot device

 in BIOS setup 

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